Got Funky In Mt. Masungki

Mt. Masungki Profile Elevation: 660 MASL Difficulty: 4/9 with rock precautions Trail Class: 5 Days Required: 1 day Hours to Summit: 2.5-3 hours New Faces So, another weekend, another mountain to climb! It's been five months since I began mountain climbing. My first of these adventures was the Montalban Trilogy, where I have met and gained new friends. … Continue reading Got Funky In Mt. Masungki

Mt. Pulag: Kabunian Heeds Our Call

The night before our trek, it began to rain although the weather earlier was fine. It really worried because a rain would reduce the possibility of a sea of clouds in the morning. Maybe what the tourism officer said during the orientation is correct. If you are noisy, you will provoke the gods and they'll send … Continue reading Mt. Pulag: Kabunian Heeds Our Call

Mt. Kupapey: Hometown Meander

Mt. Kupapey, since last year, has been making a buzz over the various mountaineering communities and over social media. Located in my hometown, Bontoc, Mountain Province, it is a great beginner's climb due to its relatively easy and short trail. Aside from the easy trek, Mt. Kupapey is also a great vantage point for viewing the … Continue reading Mt. Kupapey: Hometown Meander

Reflections of a Part-Time Traveler

Being a part of the corporate world is no easy feat. As a budding CPA, I was fraught with numerous challenges emanating from my superiors and my clients alike. This made life a bit difficult and more tedious, and I got pressed for time because of all of the pressures I got from my job. I got stuck in a whirlwind of … Continue reading Reflections of a Part-Time Traveler