Seasons of the Heart: A Haiku Collection

“Flowers drying up, Leaves falling from treetop, Heart lonely  in fall.” “The soul shivering, The frigid air is blowing, Heart cold in winter.” “Raindrops falling down, Flowers and trees around town, Heart blooming in spring.” “The sun shining high, The genial air is blowing by, Heart warm in summer.”   “Tears slowly falling, As I feel my […]

Waving the White Flag

June 12, 1898, General Emilio Aguinaldo waved the Philippine flag from the balcony of his ancestral house in Kawit, Cavite, declaring independence from the oppression of the Spaniards. This marked the end to the Spaniard conquistadors’ 333 years reign over the archipelago. However, this independence would be short-lived as Philippines will once again fall under foreign rule, […]