Hiker Board: Mt. Napulauan

Mountain Profile Major jump-offs: Poblacion and Barangay Hapao, Hungduan Alternative jump-off: Balentimol Falls, Hungduan Elevation: 2,642 MASL Difficulty: 7/9, Major Climb Trail Class: 3 Days Required: 1-2 days Hours to Summit: 9 hours Source: Pinoy Mountaineer A Bloody Trail (Balentimol Falls to Poblacion Traverse) Nestled in the Cordilleran mountain range are some of the country’s most mystical and haunting […]

A Korean Holiday: South Korea Itinerary (Southern Tour)

For the first part of our 12-day South Korean trip itinerary, click here. Day 7: Off to the South! Gyeongju Historical Tour 7:00 AM Wake up call Fix things for check out 8:00 AM Breakfast 9:00 AM Depart for Seoul Station Book Korean Rail (KTX) ticket for Singyeongju Station 10:50 AM Board KTX 11:00 AM […]

A Korean Holiday: South Korea Itinerary (Northern Tour)

Day 0: Annyeong Hasaeyo Daehan Minguk! 8:00 PM Landing at Incheon International Airport 8:30 PM Clear immigration and retrieve internet card 10:00 PM Ride train to Seoul Station 11:00 PM Arrival at Seoul Station Transfer to Subway Line 4 11:10 PM Alight at Sookmyung Women’s University Station 12:00 PM Check in and settle down Day […]