Mt. Kupapey: Hometown Meander

Mt. Kupapey, since last year, has been making a buzz over the various mountaineering communities and over social media. Located in my hometown, Bontoc, Mountain Province, it is a great beginner's climb due to its relatively easy and short trail. Aside from the easy trek, Mt. Kupapey is also a great vantage point for viewing the … Continue reading Mt. Kupapey: Hometown Meander

My 2017 Scholastic Warehouse Sale Experience

Through a Facebook post, I learned about Scholastic Asia's Warehouse Sale. Scholastic Asia is a global publisher probably more well known for one of its divisions, the Grolier International Inc. which publishes multi-volume encyclopedias. The warehouse sale is to run from April 18, 2017 to June 18, 2017. In my quest to look for the best … Continue reading My 2017 Scholastic Warehouse Sale Experience