Quotable Quotes # 22: The Sea

John Banville’s 2005 Man Booker Prize-winning masterpiece, The Sea, is a rich and deep dive into human nature, specifically on the humdrum of grief and loss. Its realistic and romantic portrayal makes up for a riveting read, albeit it was a quick one. Moreover, the interesting plot was complimented by the richness of its text. John Banville […]

Book Review # 95: Infinite Jest

Book Specs Author: David Foster Wallace Publisher: Bay Back Books Publishing Date: February 2016 Number of Pages: 1,079 (982 pages of narrative, 96 pages of notes and errata) Genre: Metafiction, Satire, Post-modernism Synopsis Set in an addicts’ halfway house and a tennis academy, and featuring one of the most endearingly screwed-up families in modern fiction, […]

Book Review # 93: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

Book Specs Author: Jonas Jonasson Translator: Rod Bradbury Publisher: Hesperus Nova Publishing Date: 2014 Number of Pages: 387 Genre: Humor/Comic Fiction Synopsis Sitting quietly in his room in an old people’s home, Allan Karlsson is waiting for a party he doesn’t want to begin. His one-hundredth birthday party to be precise. The Mayor will be there. The […]

Book Review # 89: The English Patient

Book Specs Author: Michael Ondaatje Publisher: Vintage International Publishing Date: December 1993 Number of Pages: 302 Genre: Historiographic metafiction Synopsis With unsettling beauty and intelligence, Michael Ondaatje’s Booker Prize-winning novel traces the intersection of four damaged lives in an abandoned Italian villa at the end of World War II. The nurse Hana, exhausted by death, […]

Book Review # 88: Murder on the Orient Express

Book Specs Author: Agatha Christie Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks Publishing Date: January 18, 2011 Number of Pages: 288 Genre: Mystery Fiction, Suspense Fiction, Detective Fiction Synopsis Just after midnight, the famous Orient Express is stopped in its tracks by a snowdrift. By morning, the millionaire Samuel Edward Ratchett lies dead in his compartment, stabbed a […]