“He was walking aimlessly on a familiar place, in a crowd of unfamiliar faces.

Then on the periphery of his vision, he spotted his best friend. He was about to call out to him when he noticed that he already has company. What he saw shocked him beyond words. His best friend is walking hand in hand with the last girl who made his heart skip a beat, but then eventually broke it into pieces. 💔💔💔

All of these feels so wrong, he thought. I should have been that guy. But then that feeling of resentment and anger were instantly replaced by ones of general relief, and later, of elation. Deep in his mind and in his heart he knows that this is the best. He knows that the girl he loves is with the best possible guy she could have. Breathing a sigh of relief, he kept to himself. Deep inside, he is smiling.

But more than anything else, the gaping hole in his heart has finally been closed, stitched back to its original form. He never thought that seeing his best pal with his best gal would finally bring in the closure he has been hoping for so long. Finally, that phase of his life has been concluded. What he saw finally freed his heart of the shackles that’s been holding it back for so long. He can now pick up the pieces of his broken heart and move on.

Turning his back with a deep big smile and a clear conscience, he walked away towards the sea of unfamiliar faces. He felt tons lighter with that load finally off of his back, and off of his heart. He can now again open his heart. He can now again open himself up. He can now again love wholeheartedly.

But then he realized that he could never love with his whole heart. Because even with his heart healed of its wound, he is still a broken person, a broken man.”