The first thing my friends and I had to do was finalize our travel date. This would facilitate our booking. We then agreed to travel during the fall season, the last two weeks of October to be exact. With our travel dates finalized, my friends and I began looking for affordable flights. We are just but blue collar workers, hence we have to live within our means.

Whenever we hear or read about airline promo or seat sales, we were instantly alert. Unfortunately, the first few months were for naught as the price was still expensive even though it was already on sale. Then finally one of us got the big break, through using his GetGo points. GetGo is local carrier Cebu Pacific Air’s lifestyle reward program. Using his GetGo points, my friend was able to redeem 20 points for a round trip ticket to Seoul during a GetGo points redemption sale.

GetGo Card. Cebu Pacific Air’s rewards card which can be availed online or from the airline’s agents stationed in the local airport.

A normal redemption would require at least 20,000 points and a cash out to book just a one-way ticket. Now, this is one of things that really upset me because the morning after the GetGo sale, I learned that I have about a hundred GetGo points. This would have sufficed to cover a round trip fare. Alas, it was an opportunity lost but I had to let go because what has been done has already been done.

One of us four was finally able to book a flight, and this he did without having to spend a single centavo. This shifted the pressure to the three of us who were still crossing our fingers for that elusive promo sale. But unfortunately, our travel date is getting closer and closer with every passing day. One of us have to take action else our friend would have to do a solo travel.

While browsing travel pages, I learned about this application called Traveloka. I once joined one of their writing contests (which I unfortunately didn’t win). However, I didn’t have an inkling on what it was or what it does until I saw that they had a promo. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the aforementioned application. It was through this app that I was able to book a one-way ticket to Incheon International Airport, the entry point for South Korea’s capital, Seoul. Cebu Pacific’s promo sale and Traveloka’s promo code helped me save on my airfare. The promo code made me save at least PHP 1,600. It was also through Traveloka that my friend was able to book her flight. She was also able to save due to the application’s promo code.

1_md5YYw2WZ39LWnDtE2Vb5ABut booking through Traveloka  isn’t without its worries. Until the day we entered the airport gates, I was really apprehensive. A couple of questions kept playing on my mind such as:

  • What if I will have trouble checking-in?

After booking my flight, I checked my Cebu Pacific Air account if my booking went through but it never appeared on the list of my bookings. To keep myself at peace, I thought perhaps it was because my booking was made through an intermediary, hence it is not appearing on my booked flights list. In all honesty, it is quite difficult calming one’s self especially if the transaction has already been paid. Thankfully, a week before my flight I was able to successfully check-in.

  • What if the application is not legitimate?

Even my friend kept asking me if the application really works. To calm my nerve down, I tried reading forums. Others were able to successfully travel using the application and they guaranteed that it is 100% legitimate. Nonetheless, I wasn’t confident of it until I made it through the airport’s gates.

  • Will the points I will earn be credited to my GetGo or AirAsia accounts?

This was one of my biggest fears because it would be a waste if the points I earned will not be credited to me. I tried asking their customer service but their answer was ambiguous. I just then placed this at the back of my mind because what’s important is that I was able to book successfully. But lo and behold, during my web check-ins, I was linked to my respective GetGo and AirAsia accounts. Hence, the points I earned for my Korean travel was credited to my account. Thankfully.

Application Feedback. I must say that Traveloka has been very helpful in looking for cheap flights. It is quite handy and user-friendly as well. My apprehensions were proven wrong because all transactions smoothly pushed through. Aside from flight booking, it can also be used to book hotel accommodations. Overall, I am satisfied with this application and will use it again for future bookings.

And now that our flight has been booked, there is no turning back now. Next step: apply for visa.

A Korean Odyssey. A teaser to what is to come. Picture taken at Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju, South Korea October 29, 2017

Do watch out for the rest of our South Korea adventures in the coming weeks.