Day 0: Annyeong Hasaeyo Daehan Minguk!

8:00 PM Landing at Incheon International Airport
8:30 PM Clear immigration and retrieve internet card
10:00 PM Ride train to Seoul Station
11:00 PM Arrival at Seoul Station
Transfer to Subway Line 4
11:10 PM Alight at Sookmyung Women’s University Station
12:00 PM Check in and settle down
It is without a doubt that Gyeongbokgung Palace Complex is one of the must-sees in Seoul.

Day 1: Commencing Seoul-searching!

1:00 AM Lights out!
7:30 AM Wake Up call!
8:30 AM Proceed to Gyeongbokgung Palace
8:45 AM Purchase entrance tickets
9:00 AM Enter the palace and begin tour
10:00 AM Watch the changing of guards
10:15 AM Resume palace tour
11:30 AM Exit on the north gate.
Take pictures of the Blue House.
Look for a place to have lunch
12:00 Noon Lunch Break
1:30 PM Look for a branch of Dal.Komm Coffee
2:00 PM Dessert time at Dal.Komm Coffee shop (Gwanghamun Square area)
3:00 PM Check out the Sunday market fare at Gwanghamun Square
3:30 PM Proceed to Ehwa Women’s University
4:00 PM Alight at Ehwa Station (Subway Line 2)
Walk towards the campus
Tour around Ehwa Women’s University
5:30 PM Early dinner
7:00 PM Go back to accommodation to prepare for travel to Sokcho
8:30 PM Proceed to Dong Seoul Terminal bus station (Gangbyeon Station, Subway Line 2)
All express buses to Sokcho are fully-booked. Look for alternative
9:00 PM Proceed to Gangnam Bus Terminal (Express Bus Terminal Station, Subway lines 3, 7, and 9)
Book ticket to Sokcho
9:30 PM Tour Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall
11:00 PM  Departure for Sokcho
One of the best ways to experience autumn is to do a hike at Seoraksan National Park.

Day 2: First International Hike!

1:30 AM Arrival in Sokcho
Ride cab and proceed to Hostel
2:00 AM Check in at Hostel
2:30 AM Settle down and lights out!
6:30 AM Wake up call
7:10 AM Walking tour of Sokcho
7:20 AM Sunrise viewing at the harbor
7:30 AM Sokcho Fish Market
8:00 AM Breakfast at the Hostel
9:00 AM Wait for a bus to Seoraksan National Park
10:30 AM ETA Seoraksan National Park.
Tour around the Seoraksan National Park area
Book ticket for cable car.
11:00 AM Begin hike to Ulsan Bawi Rock
12:30 PM Arrivla at Heundeulbawi Rock/Gyejoam
1:30 PM Arrival at Ulsan Bawi Rock summit. Photo ops!
2:00 PM Begin descent to Seoraksan National Park entrance area
3:00 PM Arrival at Seoraksan National Park entrance area
Ride cable car to the Gwongeumseong Fortress
3:20 PM Eat snacks before hiking to the Gwongeumseong Fortress
3:30 PM Begin hike to the Gwongeumseong Fortress
3:40 PM Gwongeumseong Fortress tour
4:00 PM Proceed to Seoraksan Park base via cable car
4:20 PM Tour Sinheungsa Temple. Photo ops
5:10 PM Ride bus to Sokcho town center
6:00 PM Tour the famous Sokcho Fish Market
7:30 PM Retrieve baggage at hostel
Proceed to bus station
8:00 PM Dinner at the bus station
9:00 PM Departure for Seoul
11:15 PM Arrival in Seoul
11:45 PM Settle down in new accommodation
A glimpse of South Korea’s long-time nemesis, the Korean Peninsula’s northern half.

Day 3: Korean Modern History, A Park and Shopping!

12:30 AM Lights out
6:30 AM Wake up call
7:30 AM Proceed to Seoul Station
7:45 AM Light breakfast
8:00 AM Join Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) tour bus
8:30 AM Depart from Seoul to DMZ
9:30 AM Arrival at DMZ bus stop
Tour the area
10:00 AM Arrival at Demilitarized Zone area
10:10 AM DMZ Museum Tour
10:20 AM Watch a short documentary about the DMZ area and the current state of the Korean War.
10:40 AM DMZ Tunnel Tour
11:20 AM Proceed to DMZ observation deck area
11:30 AM Arrival at the observation area
View the North Korean side
Photo-ops. Buy souvenirs at the souvenir shop
12:00 Noon Proceed to Gyeongui Railroad Line Dorasan Station
12:10 PM Exploration of the Dorasan station
1:45 PM Departure for Seoul
1:40 PM Arrival at the Ginseng Museum.
Guided museum tour (some salesmen are Filipino :))
2:30 PM Late lunch
3:30 PM Proceed to Haneul Park
4:15 PM Alight at the World Cup Stadium Station, Subway Line 6
Walk to Haneul Park
4:30 PM Arrival at Haneul Park.
Tour the park and photo-ops
6:30 PM Depart for Myeongdong from World Cup Stadium station
7:10 PM Arrival at Myeongdong Station, Subway Line 4
Look for a locker at the station to leave thing
8:00 PM Dinner!
9:00 PM Tour around Myeongdong Shopping area
11:00 PM Return to accommodation
Ever since the airing of Endless Love: Winter Sonata, Nami Island has become one of the most renowned spots in South Korea. And why wouldn’t it be? It is an idyllic spot for lovers and singles alike!

Day 4: The Best of Autumn: Gapyeong County Tour

12:30 AM Lights out!
6:00 AM Wake up call.
6:30 AM Proceed to Yongsan Station
Book ticket for Gapyeong Station
7:00 AM Departure for Gapyeong County
8:00 AM Arrival at Gapyeong County Station
Breakfast and coffee
8:30 AM Wait for bus to Nami Island
9:00 AM Arrival at Nami Island entrance
Purchase entrance ticket
Ride the ferry to Nami Island
9:07 AM Welcome to Nami Island!
9:20 AM Begin Nami Island Tour
12:20 PM Return to Nami entrance area
12:30 PM Lunch
1:20 PM Ride bus to Garden of the Morning Calm
2:45 PM Arrival at the Garden of the Morning Calm
3:00 PM Begin tour of the Garden
5:30 PM Ride bus to Cheongpyeong train station
6:30 PM Ride train to Seoul. Depart for Seoul
8:00 PM Arrival in Seoul. Depart for Insadong
9:00 PM Alight at Anguk Station, Subway Line 3
Tour around Insadong.
11:00 PM Return to accommodation
12:00 PM Lights out!
Entertaining cultural performances like this are common in the Korean Folk Village.

Day 5: Korean Cultural Immersion

7:00 AM Wake up call
Fix things for check out
8:00 AM Proceed to Jonggak Station, Subway line 1
8:30 AM Ride bus to Korean Folk Village
10:00 AM Arrival at the Korean Folk Village
Late breakfast
10:20 AM Start Korean Folk Village tour
10:40 AM Watch community performance at the KFV ampitheater
11:30 AM Ride bus going to Seoul
12:30 PM Check out from accommodation and move to hostel
1:30 PM Alight at Jonggak Station
2:30 PM Ride bus going to Jingwansa
3:15 PM Arrival at Jingwansa
Check in and settle down
Switch to temple clothes
3:30 PM Jingwansa temple stay orientation
4:30 PM Jingwansa temple tour
6:00 PM Ceremonial banging of the temple bell
6:30 PM Dinner
7:00 PM Tea time and interview with the temple sunim
9:00 PM Lights out!
A taste of nature. Who would have thought that this small piece of breathing space is within the vicinity of Seoul.

Day 6: 108 Prostrations and Another UNESCO Heritage Site

2:45 AM Wake up call
3:00 AM Join the early morning meditation of the monks
Perform 108 Prostrations
4:00 AM Resume sleep 🙂
6:00 AM Wake up call
Break fast
6:30 AM Tour Bokhansan National Park
Mini-hike to the mountain near Jingwansa
Free time
10:00 AM Departure for Insadong
11:30 AM Tour Insadong area
Early lunch
12:10 PM Walk to Changdeokgung Palace from Insadong
12:20 PM Tour around Changdeokgung Palance
2:30 PM Begin guided tour of the Secret Garden
3:40 PM Exit Changdeokgung Palace and proceed to Insadong
4:00 PM Snack time and rest
Try Korean traditional snack hobing
5:00 PM Return to accommodation
6:00 PM Depart for Namsan Seoul Tower
6:30 PM Arrival at Namsan Seoul Tower
Do a walking tour of the area
Take a picture of the Seoul night skyline
Visit the famed love locks
9:00 PM Return to accommodation
11:00 PM Lights out!

I will be sharing the second half of our South Korean itinerary in a separate piece. 🙂 

Love locks have become a vogue that it made it all the way from Paris to Seoul.

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