While he was running, the rain began pouring. But he didn’t mind because the rain is one of the few things he cherishes.

And then the tears came unexpectedly. His frustrations, his regrets, his pains started to flow in a surge of emotions. While rainwater streamed down his naked flesh, his tears flowed profusely. Yet he kept running because he knows he mustn’t stop lest people will notice.

Drenched in rainwater, sweat and tears, he was reminded why he loved the rain. He can whisper to it his biggest fears and pains. It has the ability to wash them away in one swoop.

Pitter. Patter.

The rain is a barrier between him and the world. But he didn’t mind the separation. He wished for it. Because he needed a safe place to hide and tuck away his pain, his tears. He loved the sun but in the rain he finds his secret hiding place.