It’s the second of the day! It is a new day to do another bookish post, particularly the Top 5 Tuesdays post. Top 5 Tuesdays and their topics are brought to you by Shanah @ the Bionic Bookworm. Do check out her blog, she’s got an awesome one. For the list of topics in January, click on this page.

This week’s topic is about the Top 5 reasons I rate a book five stars. Now, this one is quite a gray area, personally. There are times I find myself torn rating a book five, four or even one star for a variety reasons. I had to go through the list of books I’ve rated five stars and remind myself why I rated them such. Before I go on further, here are the top five reasons I give books a five-star rating.

1. The book aroused an entire spectrum of emotions in me.

Well, I am starting with the most obvious one. There are just books that leave lasting impression because of the emotion rollercoaster ride that they put me in. The deeper the proverbial strings they pluck, the more memorable they are. I don’t mean just the ordinary emotions, these books incite rage, happiness, but most of the time a moroseness and melancholy that sweeps any reader. I easily made a connection with these books because of the richness of emotions.

Examples of such books

2. The beauty of language.

One of the reasons why some books impress me is the beauty of language. Such books tend to be wells for numerous wonderful quotes. From experience, English (and I mean British) writers have that knack for beautiful language that sounds like music to the ears. Japanese authors also have a subtly distinct language that I just simply cannot resist. They have perfected the art of language, using it to direct the narrative and create more lasting impact.

Examples of such books


3. Eccentric, different, but bold and powerful.

A different book also means a different experience, that is a given. But there are just book that are so eccentric, so distinct that they stand out from the rest. The writing, at the onset, is eccentric, whimsical even. The plot, the narrative, the story don’t seem to follow a proven formula. They stand out from the crowd because they are unusual. But it is not by simply being different that they stand out. These books are driven by their distinct stories and their powerful voices, and conveyed in an even more distinct, bold (and at times, eccentric) manner.

Examples of such books

4. The books’ power to transport the readers to different worlds.

Ah, this one. Sometimes, or rather, most of the times, books create deep impressions and impact because of their ability to transport the readers to different worlds. Apart from the rollercoaster (and emotional) rides, this is one facet that makes book stick to the reader’s minds. Hogwarts, Panem, dystopian Chicago,  the battlefield – these are just places that readers can easily conjure before them because of books. The vivid descriptions easily transport readers to different place, different worlds, and even dimensions, in a manner that unique books only can.

Examples of such books

5. There is no superlative enough to describe how these books made me feel.

In over 700 books I’ve read, I’ve encountered books that I just immediately loved. The exact reasons behind why I liked these books are just difficult to point out. It is perhaps the unique story and plot, the beauty of language, or the emotional rollercoaster. It can also be a combination of all of these facets. I just know that I love these books. I know some readers can relate to this.