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This week’s topic: Top 5 sanity savers – things i’m enjoying while in isolation!

A very timely topic! The Philippines woke up to the news that President Rodrigo Duterte is “inclined” to extend the enhanced community quarantine. Later in the day, it was made official as the ECQ was extended until the end of the month. This is despite the fact that the government hasn’t started conducting any mass testing yet. I am hoping that (a) by April 30, the spread of COVID-19 has been managed; and (b) the government starts conducting mass testing.

The country’s already in its fourth week of virtual lockdown and in this span of time, I managed to find several “sanity savers”. Here’s how I’ve been coping with this prolonged period of quarantine and isolation.

1. Let us start with the most obvious – reading! Because of the quarantine, I didn’t have to contest with Manila’s obnoxious traffic. This allowed me more time to read. Rather than waste the free-time that I was afforded, I went back to what I could call as “basics” – reading. In true form, I managed to complete reading about six books; I am already on my seventh. I think I am going to hit my 2020 Goodreads target of 20 books earlier than expected.


2. Writing and blogging. I guess reading and writing goes hand and hand, at least in my world. The ECQ allowed me to catch up with my writing as well and to be honest, I have quite a very long lag of posts for writing – a healthy combination of book reviews and travel blogs. I am a long way from making any decent progress. The ECQ is helping, at least a little bit.


3. Watch anime! Unlike most of my friends, I am not that huge of an anime fan as they were, or are. I’ve watched my fair share – Fairy Tale, Detective Conan, Hunter X Hunter – but my aversion from watching series made me easily tire of them. But since I have nothing better to do, I am stuck to re-watching some of this series. Must I mention that Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away is a a true genius of an anime film? I will never tire of it and I will even let my children watch it. If I ever get to that point. Haha.

giphy (10)

4. Work! Work! Work! Since I am an conscientious worker (and I must earn as well), I have to keep on working. Being an accountant makes work inescapable. But then, who am I to complain when most of my countrymen lost their job because of the current situation. I am still blessed compared to them although I am praying that they will receive some reprieve.

5. Watching (again) KPop related videos. I placed to most surprising one last. Although if you know me, you’ll know that this is another given. Since successfully battling a very bad case of depression, I have become such a huge KPop junkie. Watching Shinee’s variety show appearances helped alleviate the swirl of negative emotions I was in back then. Two years thence, I am officially hooked. Right now, if there is a KPop group that is drawing a huge smile on my face, it would be NCT Dream, particularly the two guys below who I fondly call my KPop children. The Shinee members are my Kpop brothers.

tenor (2)

And thus ends my sanity saving activities. How about you fellow readers, how are you catching up with this isolation? I hope you’re all doing well, staying healthy and are safe. Here’s to hoping that this pandemic will end soon.