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This week’s topic:  Top 5 Worst Rulers

Just like in history, literature is filled with all types of rulers – kings, queens, emperors, presidents. They’re either incompetent, naive or just plain clever (in a negative way). In this week’s Top 5 Tuesday post, I am enumerating my Top 5 Worst Rulers in the world of literature. Without further ado, here’s my list.


President Snow
President of Panem
Hunger Games Trilogy

Is there even any word to describe how disgusting President Snow is? He is very cunning, manipulative and controlling. His thirst for power made him tighten his grip on the topmost position in Panem. But more than any of this, he continued a gruesome tradition. He stood and watched as teenagers from across Panem’s 12 District outwit and kill each other. They had the gall to call them tributes. Tributes for what exactly?


Jeanine Matthews
Leader, Erudite Faction
Divergent Trilogy

Jeanine Matthews is smart; uber smart actually. By her sheer IQ score, she managed to rise to the top position in the Erudite Faction, one of five factions in dystopian Chicago. There is nothing wrong with outpouring intelligence. Well, except when you use it to shut down the other factions the way Jeanine did. She also maliciously went after Divergents because of her fears that they will overthrow her. She wasn’t wrong on that account.


 Mayor Prentiss
Chaos Walking Trilogy

What does young adult dystopian fiction have that their problems almost always emanate from incompetent and/or malicious leaders? Just like Jeanine Matthews, Mayor Prentiss don’t like the presence of individuals who can block out noises in their heads. He was leading a town of purely men without much concerns until Todd Hewitt disrupted the natural flow of things. A manhunt ensued and this Ness’ dystopian world is flipped upside down.

Anchee Min - Empress orchid

 Emperor Hsien Feng
Emperor of China
Empress Orchid

Unlike the first three individuals in this list, Emperor Hsien Feng was inspired by an actual Emperor. He is the antithesis of the first three bad leaders in my list. He had no cunning and had no strong personality, a total opposite of President Snow and Jeanine Matthews. He was a spineless leader who let his henchmen and advisers control him and his decisions. He has no charisma and leadership abilities which is the total opposite of the responsibilities bequeathed to him. His incompetence led to the downfall of the Great Chinese Empire.


 Lord Voldemort
Harry Potter Series

And of course we have this guy, Harry Potter’s worst nemesis who kept hunting for him lest Harry fulfill Lord Voldemort’s worst nightmare – his death. Voldemort is the epitome of an evil sorcerer, the antithesis of Professor Dumbledore. He wanted to escape his destiny that he split his soul into seven horcruxes, virtually ensuring his immortality. He tried to rid the world of magic of muggles but thankfully he never managed to win. We all know what happened to him in the end.

I was actually thinking of Dolores Umbridge but Lord Voldemort is an even worse leader, ruler, character. The real villain of Hogwarts.