I just turned 30 today so happy birthday to me! Since it is my birthday, I decided to complete one of the awards I was nominated for. In the latter parts of June, I was pleasantly surprised, but also delighted, to be nominated for the ‘Fun Blog Award: My 10 favorite feelings’ challenge! To be honest, it was my first time hearing of this award so I am very grateful to Sharvina @ Tips From Sharvi for nominating me to this interesting award. She has a very inspirational blog dealing with self-improvement. Do check out her blog.

The rules for participating are:

  1. ‘Simply list 10 of your favorite feelings’
  2. Thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog.
  3. Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs.

My 10 Favorite Feelings

1. Inspired

I am starting off this list with the easiest one. Being inspired and/or motivated does bring out the best in me. An inspiration allows me to conquer my fears and makes me go beyond my limits. Every bit of inspiration fuels me to go beyond what is expected. Inspiration is a very powerful feeling.

2. Being in-love

Haha. I can’t believe I am listing this. The younger me would have been baffled, appalled even but the grown up me realized how much the feeling of being in-love inspired me. And you know what happens when I am inspired (refer to number 1). Being in-love also makes me look forward to the days and makes me feel tons lighter. I have to admit it, being in-love naturally alters many things in me, meaning on the positive side.


3. Competitive

I can be a competitive person; competition does help improve one’s self. From time to time, I need something to challenge me. Being challenged pushes me to be competitive and being competitive inspires me to perform better or improve myself better.

4. Euphoria

This is a given I guess. Who wouldn’t want to be happy? In a world that is fraught with mental health challenges, calamities, pandemic, and overall negative energy, genuine and pure happiness can be quite a luxury.

5. Enthusiasm

I crave for information, and knowledge. Enthusiasm makes me accomplish the task on hand. I helps that I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, for learning new things. Enthusiasm (and also inspiration) makes me wake up with a smile every morning, inspired to complete all tasks for the day. This enthusiasm also applies to life in general.

6. Gratitude

There is a lot of things I am grateful for. Being able to survive in this time of uncertainty is one. Gratefulness also humbles me, making me appreciate everyone and everything around me. I also feel great when people approach me and tell me that they are grateful to me. It makes me feel as though I did a very great thing. I am grateful that they appreciate what I do and what I did for them.

7. Tranquility and Peace

Internal peace is difficult to obtain. With the pandemonium around us, it is even a luxury but it is a feeling that I love. Being at peace with myself and everyone around me makes me a whole lot better person.

giphy (11)

8. Hopefulness

Again, back to the hubbub that surrounds us. It is easy to lose sight of one’s visions. Hopefulness, though it comes in spurts sometimes, makes me look forward to brighter future. In bleak and gloomy times, bereft of light, hope springs eternal.

9. Confidence

I love the feeling of being in-control, of being confident in the things I do. Although it comes in spurts, I act differently when I am confident. It simply boosts my morale and makes me believe that I can conquer even the most ominous of obstacles, at times.

10. Contentment

Of course, last but not the least, and perhaps one of the most important in this list. It is one thing that I want to achieve fully – being contented with what I have. Happiness is good but, in the long run, I honestly like contentment is more important.


My Nominees

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Again, I want to reiterate that none of you is under any obligation to do this tag unless you truly want to. I totally understand if this is not your cup of tea. 🙂