I was just tagged by Riddhi @ Whispering Stories in her bookish discussion called Just Some Bibliophilic Things. She recently turned it into a formal book tag and I am honored to be one of the first batch to be tagged in this interesting bookish discussion.

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Without more ado, here are Riddhi’s questions.

1. How many books do you think should there be in one series? Which book series is your favourite in that particular format?

~ I am not really a fan of book series, except for a select few. I prefer standalone books. To answer the question, three is the ideal number for a “series” as it is not too long. My favorite trilogies are Patrick Ness’ Chaos Walking Trilogy and Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games Trilogy.

2. Which book format do you prefer: Paperbacks, eBooks or audiobooks?

~ Paperbacks? Because hardbound is not part of the choices. Haha. I like the sensation that physical books arouse – the smell, the touch. I will always prefer physical books over eBooks and audiobooks.

3. Organized bookshelves or outrageous bookshelves? If outrageous, then do you feel like organizing them but are too lazy to do so?

~ Although my bookshelves are not as organized as I would want them to be, I prefer organized bookshelves because pandemonium stresses me out. Since I keep on buying books, my bookshelves have become disorganized again. At least I have something to look forward to this holiday season.

4. Which Rick Riordan series do you like the most? The original Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Heroes of Olympus or Magnus Chase?? (If you haven’t read the series just say so)

~ I have only read one Rick Riordan series so I am picking Percy Jackson and the Olympians. I loved the series, especially the first books.

5. Which bookish fictional land you would want to travel to?? Why??

~ Hogwarts was my first option but changed my mind. I find the atmosphere in Hogwarts a little too bleak and I want a sunny destination. Because of this, I pick Narnia. I find Narnia a picturesque setting. Moreover, the sun seems to shine brilliantly everyday in Narnia. There is a lot to explore in Narnia as well.

6. One book related memory that you love.

~ I wish I have one; I cannot recall anything special right now. I might have but I have forgotten about it.

7. Which genre do you not read? Why? Would you like to read any book from that genre??

~ Horror! I have always disliked horror across all medium, not just in books. However, I would like to read some of Stephen King’s less horrifying books. I have a copy of It but I have never mustered the courage to read it. Plus, it is quite a long book. I might consider it for my 2021 Top 21 Reading List, or perhaps in 2022, haha.

8. Which genre is your absolute favourite? What draws you to it? If demanded, would you be able to stick to it for the rest of your life?

~ I don’t have a literary genre that I can call my absolute favorite. Currently, I am feasting on historical fiction but before that, I was into magical realism. Before that, I was into mystery and suspense. I guess my interest depends on my mood, hence, the changes.

9. Who is your favourite author? Why? Which book is an absolute favourite of yours written by that particular author?

~ When I was younger, when I started taking reading as a serious hobby, my favorite author was Sidney Sheldon. His works captured my interest, thus, made me immerse into other works as well. Currently, I have a lot of “favorite authors” and it continuously changes as my reading gets more expansive and diverse; my reading taste continually evolve as well. Currently, among my favorite authors are Haruki Murakami, Margaret Atwood, Agatha Christie, Salman Rushdie, Yasunari Kawabata, and Kazuo Ishiguro.

~ In the same order I have mentioned their names, my favorite of their works are Master of the Game, Norwegian Wood, The Handmaid’s Tale, Murder on the Orient Express, Midnight’s Children, Thousand Cranes, and A Pale View of Hills.

10. Which fictional character (s) would you like to date? Why?

~ Arwen from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy because she is patient and supportive of her partner’s projects. Hermione Granger is another great choice (because I have a huge crush on Emma Watson). Madeleine Hanna from The Marriage Plot would be great choice as well because she is very passionate about literature and reading.

Riddhi’s Bonus Question: What are your view on Read-a-thons? Have you ever participated in one? If yes, then which one? And if no, then do you wish to?

~ I have never participated in Read-a-thons. I am not really aware what they are for so I had to do some research (haha!). Before today, I used to think that read-a-thons are just marathon reading events. I just learned that they are for charity and fundraising events. Now I realize why there are many of read-a-thons being hosted. Fundraising aside, I find readathons tedious because it places pressure on the reader; I am the type to go at my own pace. Nonetheless, it is still for a good cause.

~ If I was given an opportunity to participate in a read-a-thon, I will willingly participate because it is for a good cause.

My random fact: As per Guinness World Records, the oldest university/oldest continually operating higher learning institution in the world is University of al-Qarawiyyin. Located in the city of Fez in Morocco, it was established in 859.

I enjoyed the bookish discussion created by Riddhi. I hope you enjoyed going over my answers. Have a great week everyone!