Time really does pass us by. In a zip, another month ended, a new one started, a new day has culminated, a new one commenced. Life, as we have learned, is an infinite cycle of endings and beginnings. On this day, six years ago, I embarked on a journey that I never thought I would ever take. But I did, and for six years, this journey has become ann essential part of me.

I can still recall when, through the prodding of a friend, I finally decided to take a leap of faith by starting my own blog. Inspired by her own journey, I took the first step, the crucial first step into a world I was uncertain of navigating. I barely had any iota, especially at the start, of what direction to take. I was filled with uncertainties as I had so many things and ideas going through my mind. Despite the tumult within me, I was sure of one thing.

Through my conversations with my friend, my vision started to crystallize. I just knew I must pursue one facet of me that I have long been suppressing: writing. My minute vision, started to take a firmer shape. A grander picture started to materialize in my mind. What used to be a dream branched out and expanded. I started pouring in my thoughts and energy into my blog, and as it grew, I can’t help but smile at its progress, especially in the past three years. But throughout the years of writing, as I publish new pieces, I also started growing and learning as an individual.

However, the credit doesn’t go all to me. I have said this a couple of times and I won’t tire reiterating it. The growth of The Pine-Scented Chronicles is largely due to everyone’s unending support. Honestly, I never thought I would ever reach my sixth year of blogging. As I celebrate another year of blog, I want to thank all of you who have been part of this extraordinary journey. To all my followers, and subscribers who take the time to read my thoughts, I am eternally grateful to all of you. You are the fuel that keeps this blog going, the inspiration that propels it forward. You were, you are, and you will be an essential part of The Pine-Scented Chronicles.

Happy sixth year anniversary,Β The Pine-Scented Chronicles!Β Cheers! Here’s to more years of blogging. I still have a lot of things I want to write about, a lot of things I want to experience. I am just getting started; the best is yet to come. May you all still be part of this growth. Let us grow together. To myself, let us enjoy the process and let things unfold. It will only get better from here.