Happy Thursday everyone!

As the week draws to a close, here is an interesting book blog I recently came across. I saw the Three Bookish Things and my interest was immediately piqued. Unfortunately, I was not able to find out the creator of this interesting book tag about the number “three”. If any of you know, please pass the info on because I would love to give credit where credit is due! Without more ado, here is my version of the book tag. I hope you enjoy it!

Three read once and loved authors
  • Imbolo Mbue: Over the past few years, I have been enthralled by the works of African writers. I have even dedicated reading months for works of African literature. Amongst the many writers who has captivated me is Imbolo Mbue whose Behold the Dreamers was one of my favorite reads of 2020. It was a book I randomly picked up but ended up loving. I am now looking forward to reading more of the Cameroonian novelist; I have a copy of her latest work but I still haven’t found the time to read it. I hope I get to read it before the year ends.
  • José Donoso: For the first time since I started reading, I dedicated a South/Latin American literature month this year. If I may say so, it was a success as I started learning more about the continent through its literature. One of the writers who made a mark on me was Chilean novelist José Donoso; his countryman, Roberto Bolaño, was also an instant favorite. Donoso’s novel, A House in the Country, was rich and complex and reminded me of Nobel Laureate, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. I look forward to reading more of his works. To be honest, the Chilean writers earned a fan in me.
  • Ocean Vuong: Lastly, I have Vietnamese American writer Ocean Vuong. He is a successful poet and in 2019, he published his first novel, On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous. It was one of the books I was looking forward to in 2019 and justifiably so. Vuong swept me with the beauty of his prose. The story was heartbreaking but it was abound with beauty, grace, and lyricism. Without a surprise, it was one of my favorite reads of 2019.
Three titles I’ve watched but haven’t read
  • The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger: Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway in one movie, who wouldn’t want that? Although the movie was released way back in 2006, I watched the movie mid 2010s (not sure of the year). I had watching the movie and seeing Streep portray Miranda Priestly was simply astonishing. I haven’t read the novel yet. Maybe one of these days.
  • It by Stephen King: Stephen King has certainly established himself as the master of the horror genre. Several of his works have also been adapted into films or television series. A fine example is IT, a story about a clown who haunts the sewers of Derry, Maine. It was adapted into a film last 2017 and had not my office mates been insistent, I would have not dared watching the movie. I did but I had to cover my eyes several times. I don’t like horror movies and books although I have a copy of the book.
  • Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton: Who have not heard of Jurassic Park and its breathtaking world of dinosaurs. It is a world filled with wonders, with the movie capturing its beauty. I loved the movie which I watched as I child. Back then, I didn’t realize that it was adapted from a book of the same title. In fairness, I wasn’t into novels and literature when I was younger.
Three characters you love
  • Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter Series: I know it is banal but what can I say, I am whipped with Hermione. Thanks to Emma Watson’s portrayal, Hermione became one of my all-time literary characters. Watching the movie did help me understand the books and Hermione as well. She was the epitome of the values of the Gryffindor house: courage, chivalry, and determination.
  • Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights: I know Heathcliff is an unusual choice because he is often portrayed as a villain. I understand that. However, beyond the smirk, I see a man who was badly hurt and misunderstood. His complexity also makes him a compelling character study.
  • Miss Marple from the works of Agatha Christie: When it comes to Agatha Christie, the first name we associate her with is Hercule Poirot. Whilst I like his offhanded manner in solving mysteries, it was another Christie creation that has kept me invested. Miss Marple, her wit, and her wisdom helps her solve cases. She is one of my favorite detective characters. Speaking of Christie, it has been sometime since I read any of her works.
Three series binged

I am a standalone type of reader so I have no answer to this question. It is also very rare for me to do binge reading, considering the number of books in my reading list. HAHA.

Three favorite book covers

I have a lot of book covers that I like so this one is challenging but here goes.

Three Goals for this Year

Reading-wise, below are the three goals I hope to achieve before the year ends:

  • Complete my 2021 Top 21 Reading List: I didn’t realize that the year was already drawing to a close and that I still have many books on my reading lists and reading challenges. However, my priority is my 2021 Top 21 Reading List, of which I have read only 12 of as of the start of October. I am currently crossing out one more book from the list and hope to cross out more before the month ends.
  • Finish the year with 90 Read Books: Actually, my goal is to finish the year with 100 books. It has been my dream for a long time and it seems that it is going to stay that way for the time being. I am, however, hoping to complete at least 90 books this year. I am currently at 74.
  • Complete more book reviews: I have been lagging behind in terms of my book review. The last time I checked, I still have at least 50 book reviews due, with one even from 2020. Before the year ends, I hope to publish at least 10 book reviews in both November and December.

And that’s it for my Three Bookish Things Book Tag. I hope you enjoyed it. If you liked it, please do feel free to do your own version of the tag. I hope you have fun and tag me as well. For now, happy Thursday everyone!