As part of my 2023 new year’s resolution, I resolved to publish at least one book tag per month. Again, I am doing this before the buzzer sounds. HAHA. After searching for a book tag I can do, I came across Reader Confessions Book Tag. It immediately piqued my interest, hence, it will be my March book tag. Without more ado, here we go!

Have you ever damaged a book? 

Sadly, yes. I mean, who has not? No matter how careful I am, I can’t avoid but damage some of my books. I spilled water, food, and even coffee on some of them. For some books I own I inadvertently had their covers folded while I damaged the spine of some. Thankfully, these are books I own. I tend to be more careful with books I borrowed because I don’t

Have you ever damaged a borrowed book? 

This is connected to the first question. But to answer the question, I cannot recall damaging any of the books I borrowed. To be fair, I rarely borrow nowadays. Moreover, while I tend to be careless with the things I own, I am a hundred-hold more careful with the books I borrow. You see, I have experienced having books I lent out getting damaged by friends who borrowed them. It pissed me off so I resolved not to do the same.

How long does it take you to read a book? 

It really depends on several factors although the average is three days. Among the factors that play a factor in how fast or slow I read a book are:

  1. Accessibility of the book’s writing. I tend to spend more time reading challenging books, say works of magical realism
  2. The length of the book, obviously (HAHA)
  3. How invested I am in the story. Unlike some readers who savor books that they are highly invested in, I zoom through the narrative because I badly want to know what happens
  4. Familiarity with the subject the book is tackling. Familiarity with the writers and their writing also sometimes factors into how I quickly read a book.
  5. My current situation, e.g. busy at work or attending to personal matters

Books that you haven’t finished? 

My current read, J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. HAHA.

But now that I recall, I have also not finished Alexandre Dumas’ The Three Musketeers. It seems that The version I have of the book was difficult to get into that is why I stopped reading the book. This was about six years ago. I was hoping to find a more reader-friendly translation. I hope I get to find one.

Hyped or popular books that you thought were only okay/disliked? 

Honestly, most works of young adult fiction that goes viral. There were some that were good but overall, I find them unsatisfactory.

Is there a book you wouldn’t tell anyone that you’re reading? 

None, for now, because I can’t find a good enough reason to not tell anyone about a book I am reading. However, I do try to avoid the works of writers who have become notorious for their actions, like those exposed during the rise of the #MeToo movement.

How many books do you own? 

The short answer would be a lot. I own so many books that I started keeping an inventory. Unfortunately, I haven’t updated the list. The last time I updated it was back in July 2019. As of that date, I have 469 books in my Manila collection and 142 books in my Bontoc (hometown) collection. It must be noted that I have acquired quite a lot of books during the pandemic, and I still continue to do so. I fear I have already breached 1,000 books or, at the very least, close to breaching it. An inventory of my books is long overdue.

Are you a fast or slow reader? 

My reading pace depends on a lot of factors, as enumerated in the third question.

Do you like to buddy read? 

I have no opinion about it since I haven’t done it yet. Moreover, most of my real-life friends are not really that into reading. Sad reality.

Do you read better in your head or out loud? 

I read better in my head although I would sometimes mouth the words I am reading.

If you were only allowed to own one book, what would it be and why?

Uhm. This question is foul. I would rather not get there because I love a lot of books, some because of my history with them and some for their aesthetic value. Even though we can say that I will only own one but I can borrow an unlimited number of books, there is something reassuring in owning the books I loved.

There you go! They’re all the questions. How about you fellow reader? What are your bookish confessions? If you find the book interesting as I did, please don’t be shy and do your own version. I only have one favor to ask though. Please tag me so that I can also go over your answers. For now, have a blessed Sunday!