Chasing Beaches: Nagsasa Cove

My first of many adventures started out on a mundane February 2014 Saturday afternoon, on a gathering of familiar faces over coffee and pastries. A friend saw a promo package to Nagsasa Cove. Immediately, we turned to planning mode and availed the promo. And so began my first travel adventure, with my high school friends. … Continue reading Chasing Beaches: Nagsasa Cove

Chasing Beaches: Cagbalete Island

The Philippines, touted as the Pearl of the Orient, has been blessed with a lot of natural wonders. An archipelago of around 7,107 islands, it is jotted with numerous beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, an ultimate adrenaline junkie's paradise. One of these 7,107 islands is the secluded Cagbalete, situated around six (6) hours from Manila. Still untouched by the … Continue reading Chasing Beaches: Cagbalete Island