South Korea Day 1: Ewha Woman’s University and a Slight Mishap

October 22, 2017, 3 PM Our first day in Seoul is about to draw to a close. However, we want to maximize our time as much as we can. During our deliberation at Dal.Komm coffee shop, my friends and I decided to cap the day at Ewha Woman’s University, a particularly chic campus which draws […]

Cawag Pentalogy: The Ultimate Open Trail Challenge (Part II)

This is a series. Check out the other parts below: Cawag Pentalogy: The Ultimate Open Trail Challenge (Part I) Mt. Balingkilat, The Home of the Thunder God Before proceeding with our hike, all joiners performed their respective pre-hike routines. When everyone was ready, we gathered around for the orientation and the pre-climb prayer. After doing […]

Korean Series: Getting Past the Immigration Officer

Our South Korean dream is finally coming into fruition. After months of preparation, here we are finally on the day of reckoning. But alas, there is still one item on our checklist which filled me with apprehension because I feared it would prematurely end my hopes of traveling to South Korea. And that is getting […]

South Korea Visa Application, Requirements and Tips

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the influx of tourist visa applicants, the embassy will no longer be accepting walk-in applicants effective July 1, 2018. Temporary tourist visa applications must now be processed through the 35 travel agencies accredited by the embassy. The Korean Embassy has previously announced that it will publish the list of accredited travel agencies on […]