A Short Lookback to my 2018 Travel Resolutions

2017 was already slow but 2018 was even a slower season in terms of travelling and adventures. In 2017, I concentrated more on losing weight than traveling. On the other hand, in 2018, my unemployment hampered my ability to travel in the last quarter of the year.

2018 was marred by challenges. But who said life is easy?

At the start of 2018, I listed eleven travel resolutions. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill most of them, such as being able to hike MORE mountains. I backpedaled a bit in terms of climbing and although I was able to climb about fourteen mountains (most of which are major climbs), this is just half of the number I climbed in 2017. I also failed in my resolution of climbing more technically challenging mountains in 2018.

Vis-à-vis my personal Project 81, I aimed to visit at least at least five new provinces. Then again, I failed, by just one province. The new provinces that made it to my list are Marinduque, Misamis Oriental, Camiguin, and Bukidnon. Although it was my first time spending a more significant time in Ifugao, I kept it from the list because I have been there countless of times when I was younger. Don’t even ask me on the part where I resolved to visit more beaches. Haha!

But in spite of a slower year, I was nevertheless able to tick off some of the items in my 2018 travel goals. I can finally say that I have been to the three major island groups of the Philippines as I was finally able to visit Mindanao! Yay me! I failed in 2017 but 2018, the dream finally came true! And what a wonderful time indeed it was. I am now looking forward to more adventures in the promised land!

In 2018, I was able to fulfill one of my biggest dreams! I finally got to travel solo, not just locally (I already did that circa 2016), but internationally! Dreams do truly come true! My alone time in Cambodia and Vietnam proved to be very worth it because it allowed me to self-heal. I hope I can do the same again this year!

2019 Travel Resolutions and Goals

Same with my 2019 reading goals, I will be quantifying most of my travel resolutions to provide a better gauge for me when I look book. Setting a target does kind of help. Without further ado, these are my 2019 travel resolutions:

  1. Hike 30 mountains. I am more of a beach bum but 2017 changed all of that. Climbing, more than whipping me get back into shape, helped me appreciate the beauty of nature. More importantly, by being out of my comfort zone, I have become more amiable, thus, gaining new friends. I didn’t set a quota in 2018 (which partly impaired the goal) so now in 2019, I am providing a more solid number. I think 30 is manageable. 😊
  2. Climb more technically challenging mountains in 2019. This is actually part of my 2018 travel resolutions, but I am carrying it over again in 2019. Personally, it does sound a little far-fetched (maybe). I have gotten the knack for climbing major mountains, and in 2018, I made my first overnight climb (Mt. Napulauan, yay me!). So yes, I am on the right track. It is time to pick it up a notch (again) and climb more challenging mountains. Mt. Guiting-Guiting, Mt. Sicapoo, the feared Mt. Halcon, and Mt. Apo are all a dream!



  1. Visit five provinces I have never been to before. As mentioned, in 2018 I failed by one province, which is too bad because, had I pushed through with my Abra adventure, then I would have fulfilled this part of my 2018 resolution. Nevertheless, historical costs are for naught now so I will be carrying this over to 2019. Hopefully I can tick off more provinces from my Project 81. High on my priority list of local destinations are Davao Oriental, Romblon, Siquijor, Negros Occidental, Bohol, Ilocos Norte, and Batanes.
  1. Revisit Cebu or Palawan. These two provinces are in the list of my top three favorite provinces (my home province, Mountain Province will always be the jewel of the crown). It is not surprising that I have been to both provinces twice. But there are more places to explore in both that is why I still want to go back to either. I have a suspicion that it would be adventure-laden.
  1. Visit Calaguas, Caramoan or Boracay. In 2018, I actually planned to visit more beaches. But because of the lack of concrete number, the resolution inevitably fell into oblivion. For 2019, I will be naming these three main-stream beach destinations. A lot of people have already visited them, but I belong to the rare breed of those who are yet to visit any one of them. Haha!


  1. Experience a Philippine festival! As I have mentioned, Philippines is a land of grand, diverse, and colorful festivals like Panagbenga of Baguio, Sinulog of Cebu City, Dinagyang of Iloilo City, Kadayawan of Davao, and Masskara of Bacolod. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to participate in any and in 2019 I intend to change that even though I am quite allergic to large crowds. Nonetheless, it would be great to take part in a grand festival. (This was part of my 2018 resolution but as I have said, I suck at immersing in large crowds so the status quo goes on).
  1. Travel to at least one international destination. South Korea truly paved the way for me, and now I am dreaming even bigger than I did before. Yes, a lot would say, travel to the Philippines first (and yes, I would like that a lot because most of the country feels foreign to me as well), however, there are experiences in a foreign country that can open one’s perception and broaden one’s perspective.



  1. Travel solo, AGAIN. As I was able to experience traveling solo in both local and international setting, I wouldn’t mind where I would be traveling solo to. You know, finding yourself alone in a foreign land is actually enlightening. “Another City Not My Own” as the Dominick Dunne book goes (although the book is not about traveling!).
  1. Write more about these experiences. That goes without saying.
  1. Ease my writing backlog. This is actually in conjunction with number 9. I have to admit, I truly suck at this. It took me a year to finish my South Korean travel piece and I still have a lot of pending from as far aback as 2014! I have to ease the load this year and, hopefully, I would be able to finish and publish all my backlogs this year.
  1. Spend less, save more. I sure have to finance my travels right?

I am still apprehensive. But let us see how 2019 will go. I am hoping for more adventures though. How about you reader, what are your traveling goals in this new year? Share it in the comment box, or perhaps you can tag me when you decide to do your own.

Happy reading! And safe travels!

“Think of happy thoughts and you’ll fly,” Peter Pan said. But why, when I thought of you, I fell.