Weekend Warrior Tales: Mt. Maynoba Circuit

Mountains are indeed marvelous creations. They are shrouded in enigma which awakens the inner adventurer in us. Once we have experienced the mystery that envelopes one mountain, we can’t help but look for more. One short trip to the summit opens further opportunities for more. And before we realize it, we’ve already fallen in love with the mountains. It was […]

Rizal Trilogy Hike: An Assault to the Top Part III

Last Chapter: Mt. Hapunang Banoi Elevation: 517 MASL Difficulty: 3/9 Type: Limestone And so, our journey is about to come to a close as the third mountain looms over the horizon. After a couple minutes rest at the junction, the remaining seven of the original twelve began the trek to the summit of Mt. Hapunang Banoi. But before we begin, […]

Rizal Trilogy Hike: An Assault to the Top Part II

Second Chapter: Mt. Pamitinan Elevation: 426 MASL Difficulty: 3/9 Type: Limestone After a brief respite from our earlier physical assertion, we are now prepared to take on our next challenge. At around 9:50 AM we were all set for our next assault. From the original 12 who trekked to the first summit, the group was reduced to eight trekkers […]