Cawag Pentalogy: The Ultimate Open Trail Challenge (Part I)

2017, It’s All About Getting Back into Shape Before 2017, I managed to climb only four mountains. Most of it was for pleasure rather than for health purposes. However, my perspective began to change in 2017. With an adamantine resolve that I never thought I had, I climbed one mountain at a time. The time to […]

Weekend Warrior Tales: Mt. Pinatubo

The Catastrophe June 12, 1991. Nestled in the central Zambales mountains, Mt. Pinatubo was once just an ordinary mountain, thickly covered by a thriving flora. The area is the traditional home of the Aetas, the first Philippine settlers. But on an ordinary day, eruption columns came shooting to the sky, surprising the locals residing in the area surrounding it. […]

Weekend Warrior Tales: Mt. Maynoba Circuit

Mountains are indeed marvelous creations. They are shrouded in enigma which awakens the inner adventurer in us. Once we have experienced the mystery that envelopes one mountain, we can’t help but look for more. One short trip to the summit opens further opportunities for more. And before we realize it, we’ve already fallen in love with the mountains. It was […]