Dear Lord:

You have never ceased to amaze me, with Your incessant shower of blessings and guidance. For all of these, I am humbled and thankful.

Now, more than ever, I am humbling myself before Thee as I ask for your guidance, to get me through yet another exasperating week. I am tireder than I look, as this seemingly endless trial goes on like there is no tomorrow. I am already weak, and gasping for air.

Right now, I am full of doubts and uncertainties, and my mind is going askew. My vision is blurry, and I cannot seem to see the light at the end of this dark tunnel. My emotions are running high, and I feel physically, mentally and psychologically tired. I am so confused that I am no longer sure if I even want to stay. There are just too many things going wrong, and I no longer see myself in this perplexing heap of mess that has become of my existence lately.

I know my troubles are nothing compared to others, nothing compared to Yours. But I know in my heart that You will listen to this troubled soul, a tired soldier about to kneel down in defeat. I want to fight a good fight but the screws are yet again running loose. I cannot seem to keep myself together.

I understand that this is just a part of the plan You have set for me. But whatever plans you have more in store, Lord please know that I faithfully trust You and Your plan. Right now, I might not see things the way they should be, but I know, with Your diligent hands and guidance, the light at the end of this dim tunnel will eventually start shining through my darkened days. Please, help me to hang tough, to keep it all together, that I may see myself yet again at the end of this harrowing battle.

As tears slowly flow from my exhausted eyes, I pray for the courage and the strength to make it through this battle, not only for me, but also for those who are in the same boat as I am. I pray for guidance to be able to see through till the very end of the tunnel. I pray, for myself, for my family, for my friends and for everyone. I pray, silently in my small corner of the world, for a brighter and better tomorrow.

All this I ask, through Christ our Lord.


~Your Harried Child