…They were silently walking by the lake, her hand on his. It was pure bliss, with a bit of tranquility. This is probably one of the best thing that characterizes their relationship – complete comfort in each other’s silence, like there are no words needed to express everything that the heart longs for.

But then out of the blue, she asked him, “Are you now happy that you OWN me?”

He then let go of her hand, and then held her face. Breathing in every contour of the girl that makes his heart continuously skip a beat, he looked straight into her eyes and smiled.

“You fool! What is that smirk all about?” she chided.

Holding her stare, he said, “You know, I find this notion of me OWNING you a bit absurd.”

With her curiosity already piqued, she asked “How so?”

“Because when I fell in love with you, I didn’t intend to take the conquest to own you. It was more than that. The first time my eyes set on you, I knew right there and then that you would be the one I want to make a journey with, a journey of our own.”

He paused, then silently whispered, “I saw in you a light that I know can never be owned by me nor by any other guy.”

Blushing, she murmured, “Really?”

“Definitely! You are special. YOU ARE YOU, and you should own yourself. You are not a thing that can be owned. You are you, a breathing specimen par to me, and to everyone else. You are not a conquest. You cannot be subjugated. NOBODY OWNS AND CAN OWN YOU BUT YOU. ”

Catching his breath, he continued, “Never, never again be a slave to others’ thoughts. Be the master of your own self, yes baby please?”

And as tears started to profusely fall from her face, she finally understood how it feels to be her own person, and accept the love of a man she never believed could ever speak gold from his heart. Finally, on that very moment, she have decided that this is the man whom she will make her own journey with.