To my supermom, who carried me on her womb for nine torturous months, Happy Mother’s Day!

Thank You Mom!

This is just one of the many things I wanted to tell you.

When I was young you cradled me in your arms to appease my sullen mood. You also stayed up late at night to watch me as I go to sleep. When I got scared, you hugged me and reassured me. When I cried, you wiped my tears dry. When I was sad you tried to cheer me up. These are just among the simple things you did for me that warms my heart.

I was a very sickly child and whenever I got sick, you cared for me like the mother hen does to her chicks. I could see how your face creased with worry as you see how much pain I was in. My fits of cough kept you awake at times. When I was too weak, you stayed beside me and cared for me. You would scold me and tell me all kinds of things but these things only made me smile because I can feel how much you cared for me.

You worked hard to provide me and my brother every comfort you could. You tended to my every need no matter how demanding I got and you always made sure that I get the best of everything. Whenever I get into competitions out of town, you always saw to it that I have all the things that I will need.

You made a lot of sacrifices and concessions for my brother and I. I remember you once told us about your plan to go abroad but you thought better of it because of us. Our welfare came first above anything else. Then with tears and sweat, you helped build a home and bonded us together. I know that the sacrifices we did for you will always pale in comparison to all the things you did for us.

For the things you did for my brother and I, the profound ones and the grander ones, for the sacrifices you made, for the patience you extended, for the understanding you afforded, I want to thank you from the very bottom of my heart.

I know this is not enough. I know it will never be enough because the gift you gave is something that we could never ever compensate for even if we work our entire lives for it. You gavr us the most important gift of all, the GIFT OF LIFE.

I Am Sorry Mom

There were times that I got testy and rebellious. There were moments that we crossed our horns over the most simple of things. I’ve muttered words and did things that have hurt you. I was a prodigal son.

But despite all of these, you kept your calm. You just smiled and extended your understanding. You readily forgave me for my ingratious attitude. And I am ashamed of myself because I never said sorry I was. You just let everything pass by as if nothing ever happened.

I am sorry mom, truly very sorry for all the wrong things I did and the foul words I said. I know I have hurt you and that is something that I will always bear on my conscience. Also, thank you for never turning your back on us, because you could’ve easily walked out of that door. But you never did, you never did. And that’s why I am eternally grateful.

You Are A Superwoman

You are a very strong woman. You kept your battles to yourself. You never show edit but there were times when you just wanted to kneel and cry because of the challenges you faced. But you never let your weakness get the best of you.

You fought the valiant fight, and I know because you were born on the Day of Valor (Araw ng Kagitingan). No matter what life threw you, you kept a straight face and battled on. I saw the chinks on your armor but you bravely carried on, not only for yourself, but for us.

Mom, to me you are a superwoman, rather a SUPERMOM, a woman who is super and who can accomplish wonders. Your superpowers helped my brother and I grow into responsible individuals. Without you, we wouldn’t have gone as far we could today. It was all you. It was all because of you.

I Love You Mom

I know I never say this enough, but I love you mom, I really really do. I am and will always be your “boy”. I am and will always be mama’s boy.

To make up for your sacrifices and to make your proud, I worked and studied hard. I wanted to see you smile because your smile is the one that brightens even my darkest days. Making you smile with my accomplishments is my simple way of giving back to you. Knowing that you go to work and proudly tell your workmates about me and my works, and how proud you are of me and of them, is something that any son would yearn for.

Just like when my pains were your pains, my accomplishments today are most definitely your accomplishments. Just like when my losses were your losses, my triumphs today are your triumphs. Had it not been for you, I would be nothing and I would not have accomplished anything. You are my invisible guiding hand, and all my successes are because of you and because of Him.

Again, thank you mom for everything, and sorry for my trespasses. I loved then, I love you now and I will love you always. You are my superwoman, you are my SUPERMOM.

Happy Mother’s Day Ma! Mother’s Day shouldn’t just be celebrated on a particular day on the calendar but rather celebrated every single day.


Also to my grandmas, my aunts, my female friends, I want to extend a very happy mother’s day to all of you!

To my friends’ moms, happy mother’s day too. Also, thank you because had it not been for you, I would’ve never met such great friends as your sons and daughters.

Lastly, I want to greet those who in one way or another acted as my surrogate mother, most especially to my teachers, thank you and happy mother’s day. Motherhood shouldn’t just be confined to the womb but rather the influence and the love extended to another being, may he or she be your biological child or not.