We were together and I was running out of words to describe how I felt that very moment. When she smiles that captivating smile, my heart flutters and it does its own little somersault act. I can barely keep my heart in its proper place!

She talks with ease, as if we’ve known each other for a long time, and when she laughs, it’s so contagious I draw a big smile from my heart. The moment was so perfect that no superlative can describe how gorgeous she looked at that very moment.

After we shared a cup of coffee and a lifetime anecdotes, we both took the train. It was a bit overcrowded and so we were practically entwined in each other. I can smell a whiff of her perfume and it arouses my sensations and awareness of her. Then she leans on my shoulders. It was done with no malice but I felt  my heart skip a beat because of my growing consciousness of her proximity to me. My elation was at a high point it is so impossible to deflate it and that I’ve carried on with this teen-ish feeling till we reached our destination.

When we alighted from the train, we walked side by side. Then slowly, she took my hand into hers. With a bit of hesitation, I let her do so. Honestly,  it felt like the most picture perfect moment of my young life. My hand fitted hers perfectly that it seemed it has finally found its resting place. The tenderness of her touch and the feel of her silky smooth skin on my rugged hands were enough to calm my racing heart.

The moment was so perfect that even though we were in a sea of people, it felt like we were the only ones; caught in our little world it seemed. In our self-imposed solitude, I felt tranquility like I’ve never experienced it before that I didn’t utter a word because it felt like words were not necessary to convey the power of my emotions then. I felt that words might taint the perfectness of the moment.

I wished this moment would go on forever. Just us, caught in our own little world, where the silence is tantamount to the noise barrage emanating from the very depths of my heart. And just when the moment couldn’t any be more perfect, she turned to face me. My eyes locked into hers, and she  couldn’t be any more beautiful in that moment. Her mesmerizing beauty placated me and my tension-filled life, that what I’ve been and what I’ve been through was just a prelude to this moment.

And then the most magical thing happens…..




I woke up!