How do you fill the void in your soul?

We were born into this world with the belief that we are perfect beings, that in some way or another, we will live perfect lives. And yet, in an age of advanced knowledge and cutting-edge technology, we experience tragedy aplenty, in a bustling world, where an individual is nothing but just another speck of dust in the vast existence of human kind, people grow ever more distant from one another.

With the foregoing, it is very easy to lose one’s self in the myriad of personalities that abound us. It is quite paradoxical that in blending in with the crowd we instead lose more of ourselves. We get too critical of ourselves that we turn inwardly, creating what we perceive as a “void” in our quotidian existence.

But then we realize that even with all these imperfections that surround us and that try to devour our exasperated soul, we all still try to find reprieve in each other, and in ourselves. Harried as we all are, we stay resilient as we painstakingly try to find the positives in the heaps of negatives. No matter how harrowing our experiences are, we still try to smile and greet each day with enthusiasm.

So indeed, is there a “void” in our soul? I think not. Yes, we cry, we experience pain, we feel sorrow, we feel grief. There will also be times when we get depressed, we feel down. However, these are just temporary phases, phases which we eventually learn to conquer, to overcome because we all know that life is no walk in the park.

We learn to cope, we move on, we fight back, because we know there is no use in staying stuck in the same place as before. In the arid desert that we are facing, somewhere a fountain of HOPE springs eternal. We know that if we hold on long enough, this fountain will eventually revive our tired spirits. Until then we dig deep in ourselves and fight with indomitable courage. Yes, we stumble down but we will still pick ourselves up and believe in the power of our dreams. That is what we call the human spirit, down but never out.

Yes, life is imperfect but there never was a void. There is nothing to fill. This “void” is just a maniacal concept we concocted to explain the tediousness we feel during the darkest times of our lives, in the weakness of the moment. However, when we get to overcome these weaknesses, we get to understand that there is no void, that we are still whole, that we are still fighting, that we are still racing towards life’s ultimate goal, that we are striving for that perfect life, no matter how elusive that is.