Hiker Board: Mt. Damas

Mountain Profile Major jumpoff: Dueg Resettlement, San Clemente Tarlac Alternate jumpoff: Brgy. Papaac, Camiling Tarlac Elevation: 685 MASL Difficulty: 6/9, Major Climb Trail Class: 1-4 Days Required: 1-2 days Hours to Summit: 4-5 hours Source: Pinoy Mountaineer Rookie Mistakes I am no stranger to the whims of mountains but nothing prepared me for Mt. Damas. It is, incidentally, my […]

Dear Self

Dear Depressed Self, Life is one tiresome battle wherein you must always dig deep in yourself to be able to slay one monstrous obstacle after another. At times you get waylaid, you fall down on our knees, you stumble, you get hurt. The pain is excruciating, and so is the exasperation of trying to overcome the excruciating pain. Life is no […]