Love is such a strange thing that a lot of discussions and arguments were made to somehow decipher the very fiber by which it operates. Theories and hypotheses were all made and documented but each one failed to clearly determine the elements that explain and define the existence of love.

Some say love is when your heart skips a beat. Some say it is in the twinkle of the eyes whenever you look at the person that you love. Others argue that it is the passion they feel when they are with the ones they love. People exhaust all the words that are in the dictionary to describe how they feel but none truly was ever successful in sketching a great painting of what love is.

Maybe somehow they have failed to capture the obvious – that love is something that can never really be explained or defined by scientific or whatever quantitative kind of study there is. As Paulo Coehlo simplified it, love just simply is.

Love exists for a lot of reasons and yet happens for none. You can define and describe love all you want but you will never fully succeed in putting into words that exact moment when Cupid struck his vapid bow to two seemingly unsuspecting individuals. Love just is.

So does love exist? Love only exists where it is cultivated and where it is cherished. The absence of love sucks the light out of one’s vision. It is an incandescent being that beacons through the darkest and most quotidian of existence. It has the ability to make one flourish amidst the drought that continually hound our mundane realities.

Love just simply is.
~ Witch of Portobello by Paulo Coehlo