A Brokenhearted Letter For You

Dear Reader: I am starting with a caveat for what you’ll read is an anathema so deeply buried and so deplorably mundane it took indomitable courage to even string words, adjectives and superlatives to describe this appalling yet enigmatic prose. So, think again before reading the next lines. You’ve been warned. Think again. Don’t make … Continue reading A Brokenhearted Letter For You

My 2017 Travel Resolutions

2016 in Travels Travelling, for me, has become one form of therapy, a way to avoid the stress of urban living. It is a way to recuperate, to heal wounds, and to rejuvenate emptied manna. 2016 has been a great year for travelling. I got to visit and travel to different destinations around the country, whether … Continue reading My 2017 Travel Resolutions

A Promise of Forever: Prayer Partners

MALCON: Aliz Villa? I wasn't initially drawn into her because she exuded that aura of aloofness that usually turns off every other guy. Our interactions were limited to academics. It was on these circumstances that we spent the first three years of acquaintance until that unfortunate day when I was browbeaten in class. Come to think of it, … Continue reading A Promise of Forever: Prayer Partners