Every waking day is greeted by a stunning sunrise. There is something exhilarating in watching the sun slowly and dramatically rise over the horizon. It symbolizes the beginning of something great, a wonderful day. Sunsets, on the other hand, is the end to the day. Nonetheless, it is as dramatic and breath-taking as sunrises are.

Indeed, sunrises and sunsets are some of nature’s most picturesque phenomena. So here are among the best shots of sunrises and sunsets that I have so far captured on my various travels all over the Philippines.

“Lasting Impressions”

This is clearly embedded on my memory as one of the most memorable pictures simply because this was taken on my first airplane ride last November 2015. My friends and I went to Cebu for a much needed reprieve from city-life. It was just captivating to see the sun rise over the horizon. I never thought that this is a foreshadowing of a great and wonderful vacation.

“A Chilly Stop”

Going down the bus, I was immediately hit by the cold December wind. I was on my way home and we made our last stop at Mt. Polis on the Mountain Province-Ifugao boundary. My jacket barely provided me warmth as the cold wind penetrated its sheer fabric. Nonplussed, I mustered the energy to go out and capture this surreal sight. The product, I can say, is stunning to say the least.

“Good Morning Cagbalete!”

Cagbalete is a paradise of an island just off the coast of Quezon province. Located around four-hours from Manila, Cagbalete offers bliss for the seasoned and harried city-dweller. Though the main attraction is the nearly-mile long stretch of white sand beach, one can’t help but also be taken by the picturesque sunrise.

“Rising Over The Hubbub”

Taking pictures on a moving bus is quite a challenge. It paid dividends though as I was able to snap a picture of the sun rising over the jungle-esque hubbub on the horizon. This was taken on our way to Puerto Galera for our 2015 summer kickoff.

“Victory at Marlboro Country”

Kiltepan is typical travelers’ vantage point for that breath-taking Sagada sea of clouds and sunrise. Unbeknownst to some, on the other side lies Marlboro Country which  offers similar picturesque sight sans the crowd. Marlboro Country is also more renowned as the playground of the wild horses of Sagada. Unfortunately for us though, the sun was a bit shy, hiding behind that wall of clouds. However, we aren’t going to let this moment pass us by.

“A Sea of Clouds”

Numerous travelers trek the Cordilleran range just to witness that famed sight of sea of clouds.  But beyond that sea of clouds, the mountains also offer photo-ops with the sunrise, just like this one also taken at Sagada. Coming from the mountains myself, I can’t help but be at awe before this majestic view. 

“The Sun Sets at Nasugbu”

Nasugbu is a quaint town in the southern Luzon province of Batangas. Jotted with beaches, it offers a wide range of activities for summer-loving individuals. Summer is great, especially if it is capped by a stunning sunset view over the horizon.

“The Summer Silhouette Game”

A great background and a great sunset view definitely brings out the playfulness and the creativity in one. The stretches of beach on the Bolinao, Pangasinan coast provided a great backdrop for our bit of puerile fun. Luckily, the sunset view is as picturesque. Great view, great sunset, great poses, all converge to complete a great picture.

“Waving By”

Another stunning shot of the setting sun over the horizon of Bolinao, Pangasinan. This was taken during our company’s division outing.

“The Pinkish Sky”

Potipot is a small island around thirty minutes off the coast of Candelaria, Zambales. An off-the-beaten track spot, it takes about six to eight hours to reach this destination. At the end of your travel, you are rewarded with this sight, and clear blue waters to boot. At sunset, take a walk on the island and witness the vestiges of the receding tide.

“The Metro on Fire”

After a week of heavy rain, a stunning sunset capped the week. The clouds and the fiery sky made an optical illusion of a city seemingly on fire. The urban bedlam is bête noire to a layman like me but sights like this is enough a reprieve for the homesickness that lingers.

“A Blessed Day”

This is another shot taken of the Nasugbu sunset. But what captivated me on this view is that angel-wing shaped formation. It’s His way of making His presence felt in a restful day after a long and tedious tax season. He’s saying, “Don’t worry, I’ve got this son.”

“Hide and Seek”

Nagsasa Cove is a pocket of paradise. Accessible by a two-hour boat ride, Nagsasa is a jewel of a destination suitable for an over-the-weekend shindig. Hidden on the coast of San Antonio, Zambales, Nagsasa’s clear waters and fine gray sand offers a great swimming spot. In summer, sunset pictures like this are ubiquitous.

Bonus Shot: “The Daughter of Helios”

The rising sun, just above the horizon, is reflected on the shallow waters of Cagbalete Island. Summer air is just too pleasant not too take advantage of the chance to capture moments in one’s camera.