A Scrapbook: Philippine Sunrises and Sunsets

Every waking day is greeted by a stunning sunrise. There is something exhilarating in watching the sun slowly and dramatically rise over the horizon. It symbolizes the beginning of something great, a wonderful day. Sunsets, on the other hand, is the end to the day. Nonetheless, it is as dramatic and breath-taking as sunrises are. Indeed, sunrises and […]

Sagada: Chasing Waterfalls and Terraces

The Enchanting: Chasing Waterfalls Challenges Sagada is indeed an ultimate haven for all adventurers. Aside from the cornucopia of caves, it is blessed aplenty with waterfalls, jutting its mountainous terrain in every corner. Getting to these sites though entails a lot of walking. However, it is all worth it as one will be spell bound by the magnificence […]

Sagada, Where My Heart Lives

Blessed by nature, Sagada has developed itself into one of the ultimate must-visit destinations for both local and foreign tourists. Nestled atop the grand Cordillera range, shrouded by the mountain mist, this quaint little town easily satisfies the insatiable appetite of sight and thrill-seekers alike as it offers an array of scenery and activities. For these reasons, […]