The Food

Food has become an essential part of any travel and my Isla de Gigantes trip is no different. Isla de Gigantes, flanked by waters on all sides, is rich with sea-life which is the main source of food of its residents. From scallops to various fishes, there are a lot too choose from to delight ones’ palette.

Our trip is already complete with five meals, dinner on our first day, breakfast to dinner on our second day and breakfast on our last day. For our first meal in the island, we were immediately served with a variety of seafood. Because Isla de Gigantes is the Scallops Capital of the Philippines, majority of our food were scallops.


But aside from the scallops, other seafood were also served. A healthy serving of crabs and fish were made available to us. We also had dried fish for breakfast. Too bad I am not that much of a seafood enthusiast. My travel buddy, on the other hand, enjoyed it thoroughly, getting the chance to eat seafood that is rarely served in the Metro.

Lunch by the seaside!