Dear Reader:

I am starting with a caveat for what you’ll read is an anathema so deeply buried and so deplorably mundane it took indomitable courage to even string words, adjectives and superlatives to describe this appalling yet enigmatic prose. So, think again before reading the next lines.

You’ve been warned.

Think again.

Don’t make me tell you, “I told you so.”

And since you’ve insisted, here goes…

There will always be times in our lives, actually countless of them, where our hearts get broken. During these times, we feel like our world is going down and that we are being crushed from the sheer weight of it. We cry profusely, and it seems that the flow of tears will never ebb because the pain we feel inside is too much to bear.

During times of deep heartbreaks, we are so caught up in our own version of melancholy that we reject the rest of our reality, insouciant to the fact that while we are selfishly cooping ourselves up, the world around us is still revolving, that life, it’s very self, is still ticking. Sadly, while we are wasting our time grieving for unrequited love, unborn romance and short-lived love affairs, the world around moves around as it usually does, nonchalant to those tears of pain.

But lo and behold, for in the battlefield we call life, all is not lost. Wipe up those tears, buckle yourself up and know that at the end of the storm is the rainbow, its prismatic beauty a beacon of hope. In spite all of the pain, we should find the strength to stand up once again, a scarred warrior, a survivor of what one can truly call the bitterest phase of life.

But the real challenge usually comes after the recovery, as survivors face the inevitable quandary, that unending question of whether or not they should not take that big leap of faith of loving again or not. Survivors of heartbreaks usually become too cautious in the arena of love. Yes, they’ve moved on from their past heartaches but they’ve become bewildered by the idea of falling again.

There are those who put up their guards and build invisible walls around their heart. Their last heartbreak is caveat enough to the idea of falling again in that all too-ubiquitous quagmire that might lead to yet another heartbreak. Falling in love is last thing on their minds. It is sad to say but they’ve already given up on the idea of falling in love.

But how can I even begin to say this. Open your hearts again. Be prepared to love again. Your last heartbreak should not keep you from feeling all those lovely jitters once again. Never give up on the thought or the idea of falling in love. There’s a reason that the heart is the strongest muscle in the body. It is made to withstand countless heartbreaks. Albeit at times it gets tired, it will always be resilient.

Be as strong as your heart. On every chance you have, fall in love. Learn to always have an open heart. It may not always end the way you hoped it would be but love, even though it is still an enigma, is a wonderful feeling. And if you do get heartbroken again, take it in stride. Pick up the pieces immediately, then move on. It would be difficult, yes, but life doesn’t stop. It keeps on going whether your heart is broken or nor.

Keep on falling in love. You might get hurt numerous times, that is inevitable. But still, keep pouring your love because eventually, all the love you’ve given will be given back to you. A heart that keeps on loving will, in the end, be rewarded ten-folds. It might not be now. It might not be tomorrow. It  might not even be next year.

You have got to learn how to trust, in yourself. You may not get that star-crossed lover you’ve prayed for how many years but the universe is already conspiring to give what is due to a mellow heart like you. One day, your “right one” will cross paths with you and you will recognize him/her immediately. Faith, not fate, will bring you together. Then you’ll realize that those past heartbreaks have converged to give you the best. Finally, everything will feel right.

Trust. Believe. Be patient. Remember, good things come to those who wait.

~ From one brokenhearted fool to another.