So, here I am again, doing yet another book tag! Go figure! I came across this book tag through Jenniely. It kind of piqued my interest and so I decided to give it a go. Moreover, I thought that it would provide an insight on how I want my 2019 is going to be, at least in terms of reading.

Here is my own version 2019 New Years Resolutions Book Tag. Happy reading!

1. An Author You’d Like To Read That You’ve Never Read

Don Delillo. This is a tough one because there are a lot of authors I’ve never tried before but want to, badly. The first thing that came to mind are the Japanese authors such as Junichiro Tanizaki, Yukio Mishima, Kenzaboro Oe (a Nobel Peace Prize for Literature winner!), and Banana Yoshimoto. But when I went through the list of 1,001 Books You Must Read Before You Die, I was truly surprised seeing a staggering number of Don Delillo books (eight to be exact) making it through the list. I have previously never heard of him before, adding even more enigma to his body of work. Thomas Pynchon was a very close second though – the only difference is that I already have a copy of one of Delillo’s works.

2. A Book You’d Like To Read

3d697068e44cd16973d3ef54fd2dd8a5Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
Published by Scribner, May 2011

“Margaret Mitchell’s epic saga of love and war has long been heralded as The Great American Novel. Gone With the Wind explores the depths of human passions with indelible depictions of the burning fields and cities of Civil War and Reconstruction America. In the two main characters, the irresistible, tenacious Scarlett O’Hara and the formidable, debonair Rhett Butler, Margaret Mitchell gives us a timeless story of survival and two of the famous lovers in the English-speaking world since Romeo and Juliet.”

I mean come on, who doesn’t want to immerse themselves in one of literature’s colossal works? It is not only a timeless classic but a widely fabled one as well.

3. A Book You’d Like To Re-Read

Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami. I didn’t get to appreciate the book the first time I read it. I was totally spooked and knocked off my seat by the surrealistic and fantastical storytelling that I forgot to understand and appreciate the narrative. Back then, around early 2015, I was still getting the hang of magical realism (and Kafka is apparently one of the strongest ones!). Now that I gained a better perspective of the genre, I want to reread the book, which I have heard nothing but accolades from fellow readers.

4. A Book You’ve Had For Ages and Want To Read

582807Swann’s Way by Marcel Proust
Published by Vintage Books, February 1970
Pages: 325

“Swann’s Way tells two related stories, the first of which revolves around Marcel, a younger version of the narrator, and his experiences in, and memories of, the French town Combray. Inspired by the “gusts of memory” that rise up within him as he dips a Madeleine into hot tea, the narrator discusses his fear of going to bed at night. He is a creature of habit and dislikes waking up in the middle of the night not knowing where he is.

He claims that people are defined by the objects that surround them and must piece together their identities bit by bit each time they wake up. The young Marcel is so nervous about sleeping alone that he looks forward to his mother’s goodnight kisses, but also dreads them as a sign of an impending sleepless night. One night, when Charles Swann, a friend of his grandparents, is visiting, his mother cannot come kiss him goodnight. He stays up until Swann leaves, and looks so sad and pitiful that even his disciplinarian father encourages “Mamma” to spend the night in Marcel’s room.”

I bought this book way back in 2015. Since then, it has been gathering dust because I intended to read it only once I complete all the books in the series it belongs to. Four years thence, no progress was made but I really want to immerse in the story already. Four years is too long.

5. A Big Book You’d Like To Read

sfdsThe Cider House Rules by John Irving
Published by Black Swan, 1995
Pages: 719

“Set among the apple orchards of rural Maine, it is a perverse world in which Homer Wells’ odyssey begins. As the oldest unadopted offspring at St. Cloud’s orphanage, he learns about the skills which, in one way or another, help young and not-so-young women, from Wilbur Larch, the orphanage’s fonder, a man of rare compassion and with an addiction to ether.

Dr. Larch loves all his orphans, especially Homer Wells. It is Homer’s story we follow, from his early apprenticeship in the orphanage surgery to his adult life running a cider-making factory and his strange relationship with the wife of his closest friend.”

I had another book in mind (Vikram Seth’s A Suitable Boy), however, I don’t foresee reading it this year. The longest book in my 2019 Top 20 Reading List is Mitchell’s Gone With The Wind but it already made the list so I am going with the next longest book.

6. An Author You’ve Previously Read and Would Like To Read More Of

Italo Calvino/Milan Kundera. Simply put: they are amazing writers and although I have read just one of their books each, I was nevertheless captivated. I do look forward to reading more of their works. Honestly, this list could have been longer but I limited it to just two; there are a lot of amazing authors out there. 🙂

7. A Book You Got For Christmas and Would Like To Read

I never receive gifts for Christmas! Haha. I grew up in a family that gift-giving during the Holidays is not a tradition. No regrets there though.

8. A Series You Want To Read From Start to Finish

There is a lot of series that comes to mind. I am thinking of Marcel Proust’s In Search for Lost Time, Madeleine L’Engle’s Time Quintet, and Anthony Powell’s A Dance to the Music of Time. Unfortunately, my Proust collection is not yet complete while I don’t have any books from L’Engle’s or Powell’s series. Besides, I rarely do a series in one go. I could start it this year but I might not be able to finish all before the year ends.

P.S. If you can help me avail a copy of the series I have mentioned (preferably hardbound) please do drop a message. Your assistance would be of great help! 🙂 

9. A Series You Want To Finish That You’ve Already Started

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I have already read the first book in the series last year. Thankfully, I was able to purchase the succeeding books in the series. I hope I get to complete reading all of the books this year. It is an advantage that the books are quite short.

10. Do You Set Reading Goals? If So, How Many Books Do You Want To Read in 2019?

50 Books. I know I could do more but I just want to be conservative. 50 was my initial target in 2018 as well but I ended up finishing 63 books in all.

11. Any Other Reading Goals?

I just want to draw satisfaction from reading books. I want to enjoy and drink in the narrative without any pressure.


Again, I am going to tag anyone to do the book tag but do feel free to write your own version. Just don’t forget to tag me. 🙂 You can leave your thoughts on the comment box as well.

Happy reading!