Hello readers! It is already the last day of the year, and of the decade. Wow. Ten years really zoomed past by I barely noticed it. But in ten years, a lot did happen, and a lot of things were also achieved.

Speaking of achievements, just today I unlocked yet another milestone in my blogging journey. I just published my 500th blog post! It is timely gift to wrap up the year. A pleasant and unexpected surprise, actually. I thought it was going to be another mundane day but life do has its own pleasant surprises.

500 Posts

I was too keen and too concentrated on cleaning up my blogging laundry that I didn’t notice I was already writing my 500th post. Wow. I never thought I would hit another 500 something this month. After gaining my 500th follower, I have now reached my 500th blog post. Just a very big wow. This has rendered me speechless. What a lovely timing as well, coming at the last day of the year, and of the decade. It is a monumental feat that redefines a decade of transformation and new journeys.

I do still have a lot of blog posts (really a lot) I am completing but this new milestone further buoys my mood. To everyone who has been part of this blogging journey, my heartiest thank you to all of you. You were instrumental in making this blog prosper. Here’s to 500 more interesting and more meaningful blog posts.

For now, Happy New Year everyone! May the new year bring in more prosperity and wealth of experience to everyone! Cheers!