And, cut! Wow, six months have zoomed past us. We’re midway through the year. July has just opened its doors. July is special to me as it is my birth month. My Zodiac sign is Cancer and my birth stone is ruby. Haha. Random birthday/birth month information. Anyway, the first day of July 2020 happens to be Wednesday. You all know that that means! It is time for another WWW Wednesday update!

WWW Wednesday is a bookish meme was originally hosted by SAM@TAKING ON A WORLD OF WORDS. The mechanics for WWW Wednesday is quite simple. You just have to answer three questions:

  1. What are you currently reading?
  2. What have you finished reading?
  3. What will you read next?


What are you currently reading?


After months of waiting for a copy of this book, I finally managed to purchase a copy of this book. Ever since making it part of my 2020 Top 10 Books I Look Forward To, Kate Elizabeth Russell’s controversial work, My Dark Vanessa, has piqued my interest. I came a lot of positive ARC reviews which further made reinforced my curiosity and interest. I know the subject is rather heavy and dark but it is one that is relevant. I am about to start reading the book so do look forward to my First Impression Friday.

What have you finished reading?


Gravity’s Rainbow is my first ever Thomas Pynchon work. The author, who has gained notoriety for his reclusive behavior, has long been on my radar. So how was my first experience? Hmmmm. It was a mixture of confusion and delight. The confusion emanated from the fact that this is my first time reading a Pynchon and this book is rather lengthy (reminded me reading 1Q84 as my first Murakami). It is so complex the experience reminded me of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. Delight is definitely from being able to complete this book. It was actually well-written and innovative. However, I felt it was a overwritten. Haha. Surprisingly, there were several poems interjected in the narrative.

What will you read next?

Just like My Dark Vanesssa, Nigerian writer Abi Dare’s The Girl With the Louding Voice forms part of my 2020 Top 10 Books I Look Forward to List. The positive reviews and recommendations from fellow book bloggers made it imperative for me to immerse in it next. You can check out Violet’s amazing review of the book here. Jeanine Cummins’ American Dirt’s stirred quite the controversy even before its publication. It is this intrigue that pulled me towards it. Despite this, I came across some positive response so I guess it isn’t that bad at all.

And thus concludes another WWW Wednesday update! I hope everyone is having a great midweek! As the Koreans go, “Hwaiting” (or “Fighting”) for the rest of the week! Do keep safe and as always, enjoy reading!