Hello readers!

I usually don’t post my personal blog milestones here in my blog (although I usually do it on my social media page). However, the previous day has been tough. Actually, the previous four to five months have been tough.

Walking to an interview for the nth time, the emotions just started to surge, catching me off guard. My emotions started swallowing me whole, pulling towards a vortex that I foolhardily tried to avoid. But somehow, I’ve always known at the back of my mind that I would inevitably be drawn towards this emotional vortex.

Anyway, just when I thought the day could not go on any bleaker, a surprise popped out. Surprise, surprise, it came from the one thing that has been meaningful to me this previous months – my blog! It is congratulating me for reaching 1,000 LIKES! I was internally whopping with joy, considering how crappy my day is turning to be.

So yeah, after nearly four years of blogging, I reached another milestone!


While I have been jobless this past four (going to five) months, it was my blog that occupied my time, catching up with many pieces that have been lodged in my draft box (mind you, I still have a lot).

Due to the swirl of emotions, I was on the cusp of concluding that it was all a useless endeavor. But time and again, these small reminders, these small victories, these small rewards that make us realize how worth it this vocation is. With this new milestone, I am even more inspired to strive to be a better writer, better blogger.

I know I am not the best but to everyone who took their time reading (and liking of course) my blog posts, I heartily extend my gratitude to all of you. Thank you for making this mundane writer who just wanted to find a way to express himself feel like he’s the luckiest.

Beyond gratitude, this small achievement reminded of why I started this blog – to inspire others. I am given 1,000 more reasons to keep on striving to accomplish this. I hope I live up to everyone’s expectations.

Again, thank you everyone!

~Β Carl L. Batnag, The Pine-Scented Chronicles