After a brief throwback from the year that was, it is now to look forward to the year that will be.

For some, preparing a new year’s resolution is a ritual. They don’t necessarily push through with all of their resolutions but it gives them guidance on the direction they will steer their year to. I am no good at following through with such resolutions as well but I find it a good exercise which will hopefully guide me during the year, both in reading and in blogging.

So, to start my new year, I have come up with my personal reading goals and resolutions. I am fervently hoping that I will be able to pull through, especially that this is the first time that I will be doing a reading resolutions and goals.

Here are my reading resolutions for 2018.

  1. READ MORE AND BUY LESS!I am placing this on top because it is something that I have consistently failed to accomplish for the past few years. It is easy to read more for the year but “buy less”, that is something that I have to think about. I simply cannot resist buying books whenever I pass by the mall or when I see online buyers selling books that I like. I guess moderation would be the key for the year.
  2. Read diversely.Diversity is definitely one of my strongest suit because I try to make my reading as varied as possible. Although most of the books I’ve read fell in the historical fiction genre, I wasn’t short in the other genres as well, like young adult fiction and mystery. With plenty of time to mixt it up this year, I intend to continue this trend of diversified reading.
  3. Become more of a nationalistic reader. I admit, I patronize foreign authors more than I do with the local authors. Ever since I began reading, I have never read any work of any Filipino writers, except for those which were required by school requirements. Although I am quite wary of local authors, I have surmised that the time is ripe to venture into their writings as well.
  4. Read more books from the 1,001 Books You Must Read Before You Die list. I know, reading 1,001 books is a lofty order but still I want to give it a shot. I have currently ticked off less than 100 books from this list. I aim to read at least 20 more from this list or if it isn’t too much, I aim to breach the 100th line during the year.
  5. Build up my appetite on non-fiction books. Just like books written by Filipino authors, I haven’t been too keen on reading non-fiction books for a myriad of reasons. I have become too used with fiction works that I don’t dwell on non-fiction books. I hope I will be able to make a turnaround this year.


  6. Read at least one classic book per month.Even though I find classical works very tedious reads, I am nonetheless looking forward to unraveling them because they challenge the inner literati in me. I know I have a long way towards becoming well-read and I am hoping that by taking on classics, I am one step closer to achieving this goal.
  7. Join a book club.I don’t want to be pessimistic but my introversion might preclude me from achieving this. Moreover, I have dedicated my weekends to other endeavors that are mostly not related to reading. Nonetheless, I am keeping this section open for possibilities.
  8. Post regularly here in my book blog.It was only last year that I began posting about books and reading. However, my other endeavors marred me from making it a more regular endeavor as I have been writing on a wide array of subjects. To accomplish this one, I am planning on publishing at least three book reviews every month. I will also try to be more active in the blogosphere by reaching out to other bloggers. I will also try to collaborate with them with every chance I get.
  9. Do book review immediately after finishing a book. As has been my practice, it takes me about three weeks to complete and publish just one book review. This resulted into quite a backlog. So in 2018, my resolution is to do the book review immediately after completing the book. But I think I’ll start this once I am done with my backlog of about 15 book reviews. (*haha*)
  10. RELAX AND BREATH. In 2016, I have learned a valuable lesson in reading. In my haste to complete 100 books for a year, I have forgotten about appreciating them. So I deliberately slowed down my reading in 2017 in order to appreciate the books I read. I will be carrying on this resolution again with me in 2018. I will be taking my time and take deep breathers should I feel pressured. It is no longer about the quantity but more about the quality.

That ends my 2018 reading goals and resolutions. How about you, how was your 2017 in terms of reading? What are your reading goals and resolutions this year? Let me know your thoughts and let’s talk down in the comments section.