The Bone Clocks is just my second serving of a David Mitchell novel. But as always, the novel fascinated me with its unique theme and wonderful story-telling. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book. If you haven’t read my review on this book yet, please click here.

“Adverbs are cholesterol in the veins of prose. Halve your adverbs and your prose pumps twice as well.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks 
“Love is a blurring of pronouns. Love is subject and object. The difference between its presence and its absence is the difference between life and death.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Her only friends on the estate were books, and books can’t talk but do not listen.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Power is lost or won, never created or destroyed. Power is a visitor to, not oppression of, those it empowers. The mad tend to crave it, many of the sane crave it, but the wise worry about its long-term effects.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Like the best songs, you can’t see the next line coming, but once it’s sung, how else could it have gone.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Power is crack cocaine for your ego and battery acid for your soul. Power’s comings, and goings, from host to host, via war, marriage, ballot box, diktat, and accident of birth, are the plot of history. The empowered may serve justice, remodel the Earth, transform lush nations into battlefields, and bring down skyscrapers, but power itself is amoral.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“We live on as long as there are people to live on in.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Prayers may be a placebo for the disease of helplessness, but placebos can make you feel better.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Control is about fear, see. If you’re afraid enough of the reprisals, you don’t say no, but you don’t fight back, you don’t run away. Saying yes is how you survive. It becomes normal. Horrible, but normal. Horrible, because it’s normal.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Modesty is Vanity’s craftier stepbrother.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Civilization’s like the economy, or Tinkerbell: if people stop believing it’s real, it dies.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks
“Look at that! Life’s more science fictiony by the day. It’s not just that you get old and your kids leave; it’s that the world zooms away and leaves you hankering for whatever decade you felt most comfy in.” ~ David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks